• Tableau Software: Software Engineer, Data-Driven Alerting [July 2017 - present]
    • Developed and maintained a Tableau Server feature to notify users via email when specified values in their data passed a threshold or satisfied a condition
    • Extended feature by making emails more informative, improving alert creation UI
    • Co-led partial redesign of feature, creating viewable list of alerts in context of visualization (Typescript, React, C#)
    • Collaborated with team UX designer and contributed design suggestions which were incorporated into final product
    • Enhanced alert functionality with backend and server changes (Java, C++, C#)
    • Spearheaded multiple reductions of testing baggage and made remaining tests more robust, increasing reliability of nightly test runs; organized team effort to move end-to-end tests to integration and unit tests (Java)
  • Tableau Software: Software Engineering Intern, Data Move to the Web [Summer 2016]
    • Worked on bringing Tableau Server visualization authoring and management capabilities to parity with desktop counterparts (C#)
    • Created unit tests for web frontend using JUnit and desktop unit tests using in-house testing system (Java, Python)
    • Built server for internal changelog testing to avoid build failures (Python, JS)
  • Japan Focus: The Asia-Pacific Journal [March 2014 - May 2017]
    • Served as webmaster/technical article editor, communicating with article authors and hosting provider to facilitate regular journal publication
  • Schalk Lab [Summer 2015]
    • Designed and wrote multiple hardware/software interface modules for the BCI2000 software suite (C/C++)
    • Researched neuroscience-related hardware development, from GUI to electronics interfaces
    • Developed modules for biometric data capture (e.g. webcam, EEG cap interfaces) (C++, Qt)
  • Northwestern Mutual [June 2014 - June 2015]
    • Designed and built metrics dashboard for internal management review (HTML, JS, CSS)
    • Gained software configuration and management experience using MS Team Foundation
    • Refactored internal build analysis tool (C#)
  • RCOS (Rensselaer Center for Open-Source Software) [2014]
    • Overhauled server used by RPI CS department for grading homework assignments (C++)


Check out the Projects page for a comprehensive list of stuff I'm fiddling around with.


  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY [Fall 2013 - May 2017]
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    • Cisco IT RPI Scholarship winner, Fall 2015
    • Rensselaer Medalist
  • Marquette University High School, Milwaukee, WI [2009 - 2013]


  • C++/C, C#, Python, Java, HTML5/CSS/JS, NodeJS, Typescript, PHP, MySQL
  • Git, Perforce, TFS
  • Linux/Unix/Windows system/server administration, Bash/shell scripting
  • Android development
  • Microcontroller programming/small electronics work
  • Embedded device work (Raspberry Pi, Pebble smartwatch)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects video editing
  • Adobe Illustrator vector graphic design


  • Member of Sheer Idiocy, RPI's best (and only) student improv comedy troupe (webmaster, 2014 - 2016; director, 2016-2017)
  • HackRPI 2014, HackRPI 2015 participant
  • Member of RPISEC (RPI computer security club)
  • CS1 undergrad mentor, supervising two labs and one office hour per week
  • Three years of algebra tutoring experience (summer school 2010-2012)