I'm working on regenerating the list of projects I've done/I'm doing now that I've switched sites. Stay tuned for more projects as they come!


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A framework and server for controlling analog LED strips with an Arduino and a NEXT LED Strip Driver Module. Still in beta, possible dedicated hardware (far) down the line.


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An Amazon Alexa skill that, upon prompting, performs a sentiment analysis on your last 40 or so tweets and tells you whether you've been positive or negative lately. Project for HackRPI 2015; thanks to Johnson & Johnson for giving me the Amazon Echo to screw around with for the weekend.


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My project for HackRPI 2014, born from the desire to exact revenge for a prank call. Lets you easily blast out facts--true or false--to phone numbers via email-SMS gateways. Also allows for scheduling sending messages, so you can have an alibi! Enjoy responsibly.