Hitchhiker's Guide interface

Live demo
The animation sequences from the 2005 Hitchhiker's Guide film, created by Shynola, have always been my favorite examples of delightful and friendly design, so I've been working on creating a functional, interactive version using HTML, CSS, and (almost) library-free JS. It's powered by Django behind the scenes for an API.

Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I showed it to them and they liked it. And so did the director of the movie. I'm bragging.


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A framework and server for controlling analog LED strips with an Arduino and a NEXT LED Strip Driver Module. Still in beta, possible dedicated hardware (far) down the line.


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An Amazon Alexa skill that, upon prompting, performs a sentiment analysis on your last 40 or so tweets and tells you whether you've been positive or negative lately. Project for HackRPI 2015; thanks to Johnson & Johnson for giving me the Amazon Echo to screw around with for the weekend.


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My project for HackRPI 2014, born from the desire to exact revenge for a prank call. Lets you easily blast out facts--true or false--to phone numbers via email-SMS gateways. Also allows for scheduling sending messages, so you can have an alibi! Enjoy responsibly.