A while back I picked up a cheap Dell Optiplex and stuffed it with Debian to serve as a server. It's been working perfectly well since then (aside from a few scary noises coming from the PSU) and it's given me a chance to become well acquainted with technical *Nix work. One of the discoveries made was the beep command. I don't think it's natively installed on all systems, in which case apt-get beep install is your friend, but it's a nifty little tool and actually quite fun. Essentially, it just makes the system speaker beep. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Until you notice the optional arguments, which include -f for frequency and -l for time in milliseconds.

What does one do with this then? Make a song with it, of course.

Therefore, a few of my projects are now to reproduce (and if I'm feeling extra-creative, write) some songs made entirely from a speaker that can only produce one tone at a time. I anticipate this taking a lot of time away from other stuff that should probably get done, but hey, it's fun! You can expect some more work in the near future, but for now, here's a short teaser of the bass line from "Madness" by Muse!